Top 5 Favorite Drummers – #1 Tony Royster Jr.

You’ve likely seen the video of a 12 year old kid name Tony Royster Jr. playing a mind-blowing drum solo in front of a large crowd of people. The first time I saw that video I was probably 12 or 13 years old myself and my uncle (who is a drummer) showed it to me ON VHS. I couldn’t help but think that the kid at 12 years old could probably wipe the floor with just any drummer I had heard up to that point. It’s so nice when a prodigy lives up to the expectations, or in this case surpasses them. At 27 he is touring with Jay-Z and Nick Jonas and basically just being a badass whenever he shows up to a place with a drumkit. He’s got groove, he’s got chops (oh man does he got chops), he’s got speed unlike anyone I’ve ever seen (that’s including when playing rudiments and double bass), and his ability to improvise is unmatched. Every single time I hear Tony play I hear a new thing that I previously thought impossible or maybe never even thought of at all. He is also just a great showman which I don’t think should be shrugged off. James Brown, for example, could sing and dance incredibly well, but the crowd still wanted to see him collapse on stage as his band wrapped a cape around him. Well, Tony doesn’t have a cape, but he does have stick tricks, complicated patterns between the hand and foot, and the best crossovers I’ve ever seen. If you put a gun to my head and said “Who’s the best drummer in the world?” I guess I would have to say Tony. There’s just nothing he can’t do and he’s an inspiration to anyone who hears him play. Man-crush, ladies and gentlemen. Man-crush. Here’s one of the millions of freak-of-nature videos of Tony ripping the world of drumming a new asshole. How he manages to do all this and stay in time I will never know:

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