Week of February 6th: Most listened

Recently in a class I’m taking on soul and country music we covered sub-genres of country. Alternative Country came up and names like Son Volt, WIlco, Uncle Tupelo, and Drive-By Truckers came up. As you saw from my last post and possibly my last.fm, I’ve been listening to the album Decoration Day by Drive-By Truckers quite a bit. I first listened to them a few years back and at the time the vocals were a little too “country” for me to get into. Now I love the way their music sounds– very rough, but with a lot of personality. I guess that with all this talk about alternative country I inevitably went through my pile of CDs and came out with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco, an album I hold especially close to my heart. In the past week I’ve probably listened to it about 4 or 5 times. It’s just never faded for me. It’s like a magic shirt who’s color stays bright no matter how many times you wash it. Yes, I just compared Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to a “magic shirt.” For me it doesn’t get much better. Finally in third is Mr. Lamar. I’ve said basically everything I can to convince you to listen to Kendrick Lamar. If you haven’t listened to him yet then take this time to do so. Until next week, take it easy.

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