Week of January 23rd: Most Listened

So my last.fm clearly shows that Townes Van Zandt was my most listened to artist last week, HOWEVER…it has come to my attention that I have actually listened to The Tallest Man On Earth more. The plays didn’t track because I listened to his last EP and his last album on CD in my car. The Tallest Man On Earth is one of my favorite artists around today and if you’ve heard his booming Swedish voice accompanied by his intricate, folksy acoustic guitar then you understand why. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When it comes to just a guy and his guitar there is nobody else out there right now doing it any better. His album The Wild Hunt was my favorite of 2010 and I still stand by that. His las EP, Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird is fantastic as well. If you haven’t heard any of his work, then try this one on for size.

So on a ruling by the judges (me), Townes Van Zandt gets the runner up award. Unlike The Tallest Man On Earth, Townes Van Zandt is a guy I’m not too familiar with. My sister has played him on occasion, but I’ve never sat and really listened to him myself. Having just enrolled in a class that covers country and soul music,  I took it upon myself to download several highly rated albums in the genre of country on the website rateyourmusic.com. His self-titled album was ranked very high and seeing that I had been meaning to listen to TVZ, I got right on it. After one listen I can definitely say this is something I’d like to continue coming back to. It was a very soft, personal, relaxing record with some great songwriting. I approve.

In third is Pharoahe Monch whose debut album I just downloaded. Because of his use of a sample from the Godzilla movie, this album is very hard to get your hands on. What sucks about that is the album is actually pretty good. The mid-to-late 90’s is probably my favorite era for hip-hop and this album fits right in there. The beats are pretty good for the most part, but what I love most is Monch’s almost incomparable flow. This album is worth it just for the song Rape, but the rest of the album is worth your time too. That’s it for me, folks. See you next week!

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