Top 10 Albums of 2011 #9

Destroyer – Kaputt

The album Kaputt has dropped down a little bit for me since I first heard it…partly because I burned myself out on it. Myself and two friends took a short 2 hour road trip with nothing but 2 albums and 1 EP available to us to listen to in the car. One of the albums was Ducktails, the EP was Future Weather by The War On Drugs, and the other album was Kaputt. So what did we do? We listened to Kaputt about 5 times. Then a few months later who did we see live? The War On Drugs opening for guess who? Destroyer. Having said that, Kaputt is a laid back slice of 80s mixed together with jazz brass and Dan Bejar poetry. I can’t listen to this album without thinking about the road trip I took with two of my best buds, so even if it’s not my favorite album of the year it will always have a special place for me.

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