Top 10 Albums of 2011 #4

Childish Gambino – Camp

Catching on to the musical side of Gambino isn’t hard. With his great beats, catchy hooks, solid flow, and clever punchlines, there’s a lot to like. It’s his personality and attitude that is something some will take issue with. Some will ignore it, some will embrace it, and others will just say “fuck this” and be done with Camp altogether. I, for one, have embraced it. Donald Glover is constantly torn between being black or white, being the nice guy or the douchebag, and being the cool guy or the loser. I can absolutely see why people don’t like all of these things being presented by one person on one single album. I can even see why people would then look at Donald Glover and call him fake, but to me it’s these things that make him seem more human. I see these conflicting ideas as a struggle within Glover’s self. I know for me when I look at myself I see the man I want to be and the man I am. It’s the reason sayings like “Do as I say not as I do” exist. In “Letters Home,” Glover turns sentimental after talking about being “with a different girl like each and every fucking night” to talk about the only girl he’s ever wanted. Here Glover shows us what he really, truly, deeply wants, and then what he finds himself doing. Glover’s unashamed confessions of things that might make him seem pathetic or desperate end up for me making him so interesting. Glover has got a lot of sides to him, and while it doesn’t make for a super cohesive album, it makes for a damn good one.

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