Top 10 Albums of 2011 #2

Cunninlynguists – Oneirology

On Oneirology, the three headed beast of Natti, Deacon the Villain, and Kno left me deeply hypnotized with their concept album based around dreams. The group brilliantly fuses the concept into not just the lyrics, but into the mood of the instrumentals. On what I think is the best hip-hop album of the year, Cunninlynguists cover just about every topic under the sun and meticulously comment on each while using similes, puns, and double meanings. The production, completely constructed by Kno, gives the album a seamless consistency along with the fact that guest appearances are minimal. The concept doesn’t completely take over and limit the songwriting, but instead serves as a backdrop for Cunninlynguists to stand in front of while they rap about anything from flawed definitions of love to shitty TV shows. Somewhere in the middle of the group’s incredible wordplay you realize that they’ve crossed from the world of clever into the realm of brilliant, and in doing so have created a hip-hop masterpiece.

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