Roc Marciano – “My Persona” Track (2011)

I found out about Roc Marciano on Youtube through the track “Shoutro.” The great thing about that track is that there is really no hook at all. It’s just a great beat– 8 bars of piano, bass and drums repeated over and over– with Roc flowing on top of it and still managing to hold your attention. That’s pretty much the same deal here. The beat is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. There seems to be no end to the number of bass guitar samples used on this from running bass, slap, and standard bass that copies the kick drum– all inserted back-to-back or even right on top of each other. I also really love the manipulated vocal sample that adds just enough melody every few bars to keep things interesting in between the verses. The beat was done by MasterKraftsmen who I’ve admittedly never heard of but obviously need to look into. As far as Roc’s rapping, it fits perfectly. He does a great job of utilizing his great flow to really just become a part of the beat. He does such a great job, in fact, that it’s almost hypnotic and I find myself not really listening to the lyrics…although it’s hard to ignore how he keeps using different kinds of foods in his similes; zucchini, kiwis, and olives. Fuck, can someone get this man a sandwich?

Overall: 8/10

Download for free here:

Apparently the new album Marcberg Reloaded should be dropping soon and will be free…SWEET!


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